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have elevators. The building will be built with a slab on the 1 st floor. A basement is not going to be provided as it would raise the construction costs by about another $10 per square foot. The apartments will be provided with amenities that would be in line with a lower grade class A apartment building. Chicago USA Trend; Today: 2.468: 2.262: Yesterday: 2.468: 2.268: One Week Ago: 2.471: 2.274: One Month Ago: 2.305: 2.126: One Year Ago: 2.839: 2.583 * Average Regular ... I was considering renting a 2 bedroom 2 bath in a rental bldg. with electric heat in Manhattan. I called Con Ed and asked if they could tell me 4 months of bills for last year (Dec. thru March) for the apt. in question and also bills for the apt. one floor below in the same line.